NYC Midnight 250-Word MicroFiction Challenge

This year I decided to check out NYC Midnight’s 250-Word Microfiction Challenge.

On October 15th at midnight NYC time, I was provided a prompt and had to write and submit a 250 word story within 24 hours. The prompts they provide contain a genre, an action that must take place during the story, and a word that must be included somewhere in the story. This was my first time ever doing a challenge like this, and I stayed up until 11PM (I’m in Central time) to get my prompt:

Genre: Suspense and/or Thriller
Action: Lying on a waterbed
Word: idea

I laughed hysterically at this, as I have never written any kind of suspense/thriller fiction, and I haven’t thought about waterbeds in like 20 years. Surprisingly, it ended up being a ton of fun just to try to piece everything together, and I had a blast writing the story. I wrapped up everything by the following evening and submitted it that Saturday.

And excitingly, I got through to the second round! I was one of the top 10 writers in my group (58) and have advanced on to round two. Can’t wait to see how it goes!