NYC Midnight 250-Word MicroFiction Challenge

This year I decided to check out NYC Midnight’s 250-Word Microfiction Challenge. On October 15th at midnight NYC time, I was provided a prompt and had to write and submit a 250 word story within 24 hours. The prompts…

Rejected Friends Thanksgiving Episodes’s Transylvania Travel Guide for Humans

New Company Policies to Help You Keep Working During Historic Events

10 Superstitions Guaranteed to Make Your Favorite Sports Team Win

The Sunnyside Senate Retirement Community is Here For Your Aging Senator

The Worst Thing Goop Enthusiasts Did During The Pandemic

Exciting Things to Look Forward to as Humanity Destroys the Earth

I’m the Filibuster, And I’m Begging You to Kill Me

Let Me Tell You About My New MLM, The Borg

I am Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod and I Can Assure You That The Death Star II is Perfectly Safe