Hi there! I’m Kelley Greene, a writer and performer based in Chicago. I’ve been doing both those things for over 15 years, and have studied at The Second City, iO, the Laugh Factory, Catapult, and more.

I am a contributor for The Hard Times and Hard Drive. I’ve been featured on Buzzfeed and published on sites such as Slackjaw, Weekly Humorist, The Belladonna Comedy, Points in Case, and more. I’m also in the compilation book The Awkward Phase

I’m a millennial who once got a participation trophy for playing on a soccer team that scored no goals and won no games the entire season, a geek who is obsessed with Star Trek and building horrible websites that look like they were made in 2002, and an aspiring cheesemonger (read: I just really like eating cheese). Specifically a fan of all things cheddar, a friend once proclaimed me a “sentient wheel of cheese” — a moniker I wear proudly to this day.

I write about geeky and nerdy things, pop culture, the millennial existence, working in the tech industry, history, politics, and whatever else has caught my attention online in the last few seconds.

I can usually be found scrolling one of the many social media apps I have on my phone, playing Civ 6, or going down Wikipedia rabbit holes. Let’s hang out together online!