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“We’re IT”

Nerds, geeks, and freaks. Not the outcasts from your high school — just your typical IT department. Set in the days of the Silicon Valley boom, a documentary crew follows a high-profile tech startup that’s growing too fast for its own good. The IT team manages to keep the company running while everything falls apart around them. Reluctantly led by Erin, a 20-something at her first corporate job, this gang of misfits handles a constant stream of ridiculous requests from employees. And as if they’re not busy enough, they seem to be the hip founder’s only chance of getting back his position as CEO after being ousted by a money-hungry board of directors. Helping him could cost them their jobs, but not helping could cost them their sanity. It’s a thankless job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

“Head Toward The Light”

After Charlie’s sudden and unexpected death, his friends and brother cope with his loss in different ways. Until, that is, they realize he’s not *quite* gone. Charlie doesn’t seem to have fully crossed over, and the only reason they can think of is that he must have some kind of unfinished business. Since he’s some kind of ghost now, he’ll need them to take care of things on his behalf — which means revealing that he’s not exactly the person they thought he was. As he learns to navigate his new existence, he hopes they can get everything squared away so he can eventually “head toward the light.”


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“If The Office Was Even More Awkward” (Improv/Writer & Performer)